Our Vision

At Miller Ranch, our scenic lots are just the beginning of why we love this region. From the rich history of Spearfish South Dakota to the wonderful people, we fell in love with this place! Ever since our first discovery of this area, we have strived to help others also find the joy, community, and beauty that we love so much about this gorgeous town. Something is unique and extraordinary about this area. From the beginning, we knew that this place was home, making it our goal to help others find their place in this gorgeous haven. 


With more than 345 acres, Miller Ranch is located near Spearfish Canyon and has many beautiful trails and parks, including golf course access and spectacular scenes. With wildlife roaming free to see, and tall forests that add much personality to the area, there is an unparalleled appeal that the character of the land creates while being welcoming and spacious. These vast lots are ready for development and include many amenities and spaces to make it feel like home right away. From the museums to the bison, Spearfish has an untouched natural allure that speaks to all who visit. 

Our History

Spearfish is rich with history: From how it was first settled to the landmarks it has today, there is much to experience and learn about the area! With many caves and mines due to its history as a mining town from the time of the gold rush, the site has a vital and extraordinary past, filled with intrigue and adventure. Click here to learn more about the history of Miller Ranch and Spearfish!

Development Progress

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