In 1876

Native Americans undoubtedly walked this ranch’s hills and fields prior to Spearfish’s founding in 1876. Not long after, a pioneer farm was established as evidenced by the historic, late 19th century limestone milk house still nestled into the hillside yard. The Deadwood to Spearfish stage line ran across some of this land’s expanse. Later, a dairy operation emerged leaving the iconic, white barn at the forest’s edge. It has greeted travelers coming into Spearfish since 1939.
The Millers utilized these lovely oak and pine forested slopes and grassland to raise lovestock, including a buffalo named Libby. Generations of the Miller family lived and worked here until the ranch was sold in 2020. The legacy of this historic ranch now becomes the dream home for future residents, enriching the continuing story of Spearfish.

Miller Ranch

In 1949

 At the same time, Mr. Miller utilized his lovely oak hilled slopes and grassy pasturelands for cattle ranching and a few other livestock such as horses, llamas and for a time, a Buffalo named Libby. He and Mrs. Miller raised 4 children on the ranch. (Gary, Cheryl, Susan and Kevin) With Bruce Miller’s passing in 1996 the management of the ranch fell to his eldest daughter, Cheryl. Lola Miller moved into Spearfish where she lived until her death in 2013. With the ranch’s sale in 2020, 70 years of Miller history passed to the new owners. The legacy of this historic ranch will now become the home of many and it is hoped their experiences will provide a new chapter in Spearfish’s ever changing landscape and storyline

The Barn

The iconic white barn, central to Miller ranch will remain as a tribute to the family and will be the center piece of proposed commercial area.

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